My Spring 2012 Vacation

16 Apr

They say Sagittarius people are naturally outgoing – love to travel and see new places. Well, I am not into this horoscope thing but I find myself to have a passion on traveling. Since I got this stable source of income, the urge to go for a travel keeps growing in me, and I commenced the act when I had my first out of country tour last year. Me together with my family went for a 5-day Hong Kong-Macau tour. It was fun and exciting since it was my first time to fly overseas, and it’s like telling me, “dream come true, Gwen”.

After that travel I had to plan for the next trip. I picked South Korea to be my next destination since I was pretty amazed with the Jeju Island that’s one of the wonders of the world. Again, the whole family has been planning for this SK trip – went shopping for winter clothes and stuff. But things went the other way because in mid 2011, we decided to apply for US tourist visa but unfortunately I got turned down. So by then I thought of pursuing South Korea. I contacted a friend who works in Seogwipo, Brandon Russell whom I met on Facebook, and he was eager to show me around.

2012 came so fast but then I was having doubts of going to SK since my travel agency hasn’t been offering a package tour with Jeju Island itinerary. Long story short, I backed off the plan and with not much anticipation, I was able to fly again to Hong Kong for the second time. This time I had to make sure I have the best Spring outfit – jackets, long sleeves, sweatshirts, boots, etc. I love taking pictures so the outfit makes a lot of sense. The trip was just short but I enjoyed it as we stayed in a very nice four-star hotel and finally I got my extreme rides both at Disneyland and Ocean Park.

Now I am back to my corner, and again, thinking of my next stop. Would it be Spring 2013 in SK? Well who knows, but I am keeping my head up and will make the planning as soon as I am settled with the budget. Somehow, I have thought of securing a Canadian tourist visa so I will be able to visit my relatives in Ontario and some friends in Calgary. Wow, it would be another fun trip for sure!

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