Sbarro: My Favorite Italian Cuisine

21 Apr

You don’t need to ask but yes, I’m a big pasta eater, and when it comes to great food places I have my favorite, and they call it Sbarro. It has been a hobby for me to dine once in a while (with friend(s), sometimes alone) at known restaurants particularly those that are located inside malls – this is where I find them more accessible. I find food at Sbarro enticing and mouth-watering every time I pass by the place so I can’t resist but to get in and eat.

Since I am a pasta person, I love all kinds but most especially the baked ziti and spaghetti with white sauce. At Sbarro, they usually offer half serving since the whole serving is too much, unless I’m a fat ass girl. Baked ziti comes with creamy ricotta, melted mozzarella and Romano cheeses, and seasoned tomato sauce. They offer a wide variety of pizzas that includes the New York Style thin-crust, Specialty New York Style thin-crust, pan/deep dish, specialty gourmet pan, and specialty stuffed pizzas and strombolis. They also make great side garlic bread which is just so crunchy and tasty.

Although food at Sbarro is a little expensive compared to local restaurants, the satisfaction is priceless. If you ever tried dining in at Sbarro, you should know what I am talking about. And speaking of dining, I usually associate it with Sundays, so tomorrow is Sunday and I will be craving for another delicious Sbarro moment. I just wish they could also serve other special beverages aside from soda and juices. However, it doesn’t matter, for me it is all about the food – yes I said FOOD!

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