Crispy Crepes: Foodalicious

24 Apr

So we are back in the subject where all taste buds will go watery, and it’s just timely because the weather is hot and I can’t think of a better way to ease the heat discomfort but to think about food that’s particularly cold. I won’t go for ice cream either since I think it’s already overrated but I thought about something that was introduced to me about a year ago. My friend Gelai thought that I would love her new favorite, and she called it Crispy Crepes or simply crepes.

If you are not familiar with crepes, you better pay attention so that sooner you will get the idea where to find the best crepes ever. There are various kinds of crepes but what I like about Crispy Crepes is the selection of available fillings. Aside from its tasty dough I love the fruit-filled fillings with ice cream on top. It sometimes comes with crushed Oreo depends on the flavor of your preference. At Crispy Crepes you can satisfy your cravings for meat, veggies, and fruits with the variety of flavor that’s up for your best option.

Crepes are basically a kind of pancake in thinner form and are often served with fillings and toppings such as scoops of ice cream and cider. These can be served as appetizers, main courses, side dishes, and desserts. Crepes originated in Brittany and they became popular all over France and Europe.

If you have a heart in cooking, you can make your own crepes and make it your original creation. There is a lot of free crepes recipe available online. However, if you have a heart in eating, better indulge yourself with the variety of flavored crepes available at Crispy Crepes!

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