David Cook LIVE in Cebu!

17 Jul

Ok, the Cook boys [including Dad] are touring the SE Asia – Manila, Cebu, and Indonesia. They actually started to drop bombs in Honolulu, HI and crossed over the Pacific Ocean to meet fans from three points in Asia. I am one of David Cook’s fans since his day 1 in American Idol. Before the top 24 finalist, I have predicted that he will become the next American Idol winner. Paula Abdul tagged him as the ‘Dark Horse’ and he earned most votes at 56% against contender, David Archuleta.

Today, David Cook is a successful artist whose genre runs from alternative rock, post-grunge, and pop rock. He has his family that supports him all the way and a proud mom that’s always there for him. On his first concert tour scheduled for SE Asia, Cook made his initial stop in Manila on July 14th followed by Cebu on the next day.

When I heard about his concert tour I inquired about tickets so I got two and has been excited. Before the concert, David appeared at Cebu’s biggest mall – the SM City Cebu for the Meet & Greet event. I was there amidst huge crowd waiting for him to prompt on stage. Since the autograph signing is only limited to those who bought his CDs, I did not get a chance to sit at the VIP area. However, with much effort, I was able to go close to the stage. Minutes before his appearance, the crowed screamed – I thought it was David but Andrew took the first romp and he just passed in front of me, yes as close as three feet. Finally, David showed up and everyone was excited as he promoted his concert and signed the CDs thereafter.

At the Concert Venue

Me and my brother went to the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel around 5pm to catch good seats but we were not allowed to enter the ballroom hall until 7.30pm. As we stroll around the hotel lobby I saw David’s dad and little brother with a few people taking pictures with them. I just looked at them and yes, cuteness runs in the family. After a few minutes of roaming, I spotted Andrew, David’s younger brother who was with him and his mom all the time during the Idol days. I set aside my shy persona and went straight to him, and asked if we can have pictures taken. He was like sure so he stood next to me and ‘click’ – there is the sweet couple! After that he asked my name and we shook hands, and he did the same to my brother. I couldn’t explain how I felt and all I knew was I was overwhelmed.

When we finally got inside the concert hall, we waited for more than an hour and David appeared and performed, and it was all fun. He is truly an amazing singer with a powerful voice – I love how he screams and kicks his right foot to emphasize a high note. Thanks, David, you are the IDOL.

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