Everyone’s Been Eating Today!

23 Nov

Mark this day when you or someone you knew have prepared so much food and have been eating! Well I meant the day and not the date – it’s the fourth Thursday of November, a day that people in the United States celebrate an annual tradition that’s originated in the time of President Abraham Lincoln, when he proclaimed this day as the Thanksgiving Day. This celebration commemorates many of the events when prominent individuals’ achievements were recognized by the entire nation and are meant to thank God for a common purpose.

Today, as I browsed my Facebook page, almost all my news feeds come in the form of images with the most common food served during the Thanksgiving Day celebration – Turkey! Some friends simply posted text greetings, wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving Day. All these are just a few things that has happened today, and one thing is for sure – everyone has been eating! LOL. Yes, believe it or not, no one would ever refuse to take some bites of that juicy stuffed oven-fresh turkey. Some have spent dinner with relatives with so much food on the dining table – a real festivity and it’s all about eating and drinking!

While everyone is gathered at home with their family members, some would have set a family date in their favorite restaurants. Whether you had your turkey dinner at home or at a restaurant, as long as you had a great time with your loved ones, I guess that’s a perfect way of having the occasion celebrated. Now I bet everyone’s full and snoring in bed… Have a good night and don’t let turkey bite! 🙂

UFC’s Chael Sonnen and Jon Jones

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Posted by on November 23, 2012 in Events, Food


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