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Perfect Meal


I have been posting pictures of food for my Trip-A-Foodie page on Facebook. Today I am going to share another food exploration, not an exquisite cuisine but just a plain and exotic taste that a Filipino food-tripper would love. Amongst the best-known native restaurants in my place, Gerry’s Grill serves the best menu that even a foreign taste bud will patronize. Yesterday’s menu includes pork ribbed adobo, sizzling kangkong, and rice bagoong. The names alone call for being so local but each with a jaw-dropping taste. How can I resist a second and third serving of the rice bagoong which was being served with some seafood toppings? I don’t usually take meal for lunch but this one made me bloat a little, well at least just for this day of my life. I couldn’t resist but consume all the remaining pork adobo because of its enticing gravy…. Uuhhhmmmm deliciouso! And the kangkong? – Oh well, I did leave the sizzling plate with the serving fork alone! Thanks to my Ate for treating us with such a good meal! … plus the Iron Man 3 on 3D afterwards! Whatagoodlife!

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Posted by on April 29, 2013 in Food, Leisure & Toys, Places