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Perfect Meal


I have been posting pictures of food for my Trip-A-Foodie page on Facebook. Today I am going to share another food exploration, not an exquisite cuisine but just a plain and exotic taste that a Filipino food-tripper would love. Amongst the best-known native restaurants in my place, Gerry’s Grill serves the best menu that even a foreign taste bud will patronize. Yesterday’s menu includes pork ribbed adobo, sizzling kangkong, and rice bagoong. The names alone call for being so local but each with a jaw-dropping taste. How can I resist a second and third serving of the rice bagoong which was being served with some seafood toppings? I don’t usually take meal for lunch but this one made me bloat a little, well at least just for this day of my life. I couldn’t resist but consume all the remaining pork adobo because of its enticing gravy…. Uuhhhmmmm deliciouso! And the kangkong? – Oh well, I did leave the sizzling plate with the serving fork alone! Thanks to my Ate for treating us with such a good meal! … plus the Iron Man 3 on 3D afterwards! Whatagoodlife!

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Speak Out Through Your Hair!

How many of you have been obsessed with their hair? Interestingly, a pleasant hair, no matter how simple it is done contributes to a person’s appearance. No doubt, you would agree with me if I say ‘nicely done hair carries the face faultlessly’. This is true based on my own experience – great self-projection is achieved with a great hair.

Of course, you need to visit a hairstylist in order to attain great hair. It doesn’t necessarily require having all the salon treatments, but at least, you own a wonderful hairstyle that perfectly fits your face and personality. This way, your hair alone can speak for yourself, and it definitely reflects the persona in you. Long hair, medium length hair, short hair – everything suits everyone, so no worries, if you are still confused on what to settle on to, there’s always one made for you.

But what really your hair tells about you? Well, it does tell a lot as the style and texture would be an expression of how good groomer you are, or how well do you take care of it, while the color would simply make things lighter as if dark hair would shout out heaviness in terms of how you carry out yourself, and light-dyed hair gives glow to your face and lightens up every mood in you.

Choosing a hairstyle, whether it’s one length, layered, or with fringe would also depict your inner personality. Let it be known that you are a serious and simply type of person when you prefer one-length hairstyle, and people will know you are into glamour with those gorgeous curls. On the other hand, although you admit to have been matured enough and knows everything in life, yet you decided to get your bangs done, it only shows how cool and playful you are. Yes, playful in the sense that you know how to balance everything and won’t let small things get complicated.

Some people, especially celebs are into constant change when it comes to their hairstyles and color. For example, Katy Perry is known not only with her cute naïve voice but with her unique way of treating her hair as she changes hair color every now and again. You could see her in purple, green, blue, pink, brown, to name a few, and still she projects the same image as simply, ‘Katy Perry’. Lady Gaga also makes a huge buzz with her fashion, as her hair always goes with her outfit. One outfit is to one hairstyle, and that’s her signature.

Well, we are neither Katy nor Gaga but we could always look at our best if we make the most out of our hair – neat and modest, so to speak out for yourself!

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Everyone’s Been Eating Today!

Mark this day when you or someone you knew have prepared so much food and have been eating! Well I meant the day and not the date – it’s the fourth Thursday of November, a day that people in the United States celebrate an annual tradition that’s originated in the time of President Abraham Lincoln, when he proclaimed this day as the Thanksgiving Day. This celebration commemorates many of the events when prominent individuals’ achievements were recognized by the entire nation and are meant to thank God for a common purpose.

Today, as I browsed my Facebook page, almost all my news feeds come in the form of images with the most common food served during the Thanksgiving Day celebration – Turkey! Some friends simply posted text greetings, wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving Day. All these are just a few things that has happened today, and one thing is for sure – everyone has been eating! LOL. Yes, believe it or not, no one would ever refuse to take some bites of that juicy stuffed oven-fresh turkey. Some have spent dinner with relatives with so much food on the dining table – a real festivity and it’s all about eating and drinking!

While everyone is gathered at home with their family members, some would have set a family date in their favorite restaurants. Whether you had your turkey dinner at home or at a restaurant, as long as you had a great time with your loved ones, I guess that’s a perfect way of having the occasion celebrated. Now I bet everyone’s full and snoring in bed… Have a good night and don’t let turkey bite! 🙂

UFC’s Chael Sonnen and Jon Jones

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Freelancing: Know the Leads

Almost everyone today talks about working at home or going freelance online. How is this possible? In the beginning of the twenty first century, when computer age started to rise, there is a plentiful of job opportunities especially for job hunters that hold computer degrees offered by many IT companies. A couple of years later, outsourcing became a hit among most first world-based telemarketing firms that seek for cheaper labor avoiding certain types of costs and benefits due for their employees.

By then, outsourcing became a trend, and companies particularly from the US, UK, and Canada hired workers from the third world countries, such as the Philippines and India. But this buzz was nothing when online freelancing opened the door for most skilled individuals who find comfort in working at home at their own pace. Just like fashion that quickly intruded almost every part of the world, freelancing became pandemic that couldn’t be stopped because of technology’s blessing which is now very accessible and affordable to all.

Amongst today’s famous freelancing market portals is known to be oDesk Corp., or simply oDesk. If you are a mom with kid(s) and need to stay home but still would want to earn to help the family, or if you are an individual who is unfortunate to get a secular job from any prestigious companies due to your impairment, or if you are a nomad and wants to bring work with you anywhere you go, or if you are just too lazy to put on your make up, do your hair, and wear those high heels to work, then oDesk is the perfect place for you to be productive!

Just recently, oDesk held the most-awaited event by Filipino Contractors – the oDesk Contractors’ Appreciation Day, a three-hour occasion that allowed everyone to meet and mingle, get insights from two of oDesk’s representatives, and to recognize some of the country’s top contractors. The event was held in UP Diliman’s Ang Bahay ng Alumni, on November 6th, 2012. It was a truly beneficial and enjoyable occasion when everyone who met online as co-workers and friends finally met in flesh!

oDesk Contractors Appreciation Day with Matt, Mollie, and Ally

oDesk Contractors Appreciation Day with Matt, Mollie, and Ally

By engaging into online freelancing, and knowing what your abilities and limits are, you are entitled to live a stress-free life. Although there is no such condition as stress-free life in our days, working as a freelancer online gives all the comfort an individual would definitely desire. Time management is the key. When you work as a freelancer, you should be able to determine when and how to organize multiple tasks so to not spoil anything – both on your part and on your clients’. Respect and honesty play important roles to achieve a successful long-term tenure. Are you ready to launch your online career and grab the leads?

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My Singapore Quest

Alright, as if I was too busy that I wasn’t able to come back after a month. But yes, the adventure scene put me into a pace that’s even faster than the speed of light! I bet everyone heard about the ground-breaking architecture of Singapore along with it’s wide array of superb vistas. So, here we go! Join me as I show you around, with what I had in three precious days will only be a three-second virtual tour!

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Trip-A-Foodie: My New Facebook Page!

Ok, I was gone for a while due to the bulk of work that I have been engaged to. This page is important so are its followers, and to give you a fresh start, I want to share one of the things that keep me busy in my day-to-day activities – foods! – Yes, in plural form since I am not referring to just one but a lot! L0L… I am not actually a food person but I love to try new tastes and to take images from each mouth-watering indulgence. Now live on Facebook is my new page – Trip-A-Foodie! I created this page since it has been my hobby to go to different food shops and fine dining just to try new foods, and before savoring each course – click-click! There you go!

So, follow my journey to some of the most common and most-loved foods with either French, Filipino, Mexican, American, Japanese, Chinese cuisine background.


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Pony Tail Olympic Rings

Ok, the London 2012 is about to get over but I guess it is still cool to mess up with something that’s inspired by it. I have done and taken this cute picture just before the Olympics commenced but since things went overly crazy here, I missed to show it up, so here it is …..

The symbol of the Olympic Games is composed of five interlocking rings, coloured blue, yellow, black, green, and red on a white field.

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Silly Dalena!

This is my niece, Dalena. She is 2 years old and have been quite silly for a while. She is 1/4 Vietnamese – 1/4 American – 1/2 Filipino that’s why she look like no other kid. The next video clip is all about her acting funny while she thought it was her birthday.

Now that explains why she is silly!

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Dream Bridal Gown

Every woman’s desire is to have a perfect wedding and wear her dream bridal gown. This might be one of the reasons why most women today prefer not to settle down until they find the right man – one that is not only capable of loving and providing but one that can also afford to give her bride the best on their wedding. Although there are instances that both bride-to-be and groom-to-be share with all the expenses, there is a deeper meaning for the woman if her groom will take care of everything, financially. Of course she won’t choose to have the most expensive wedding gown but can have a real nice dress that perfectly fits her and will make her absolutely look beautiful on her most special day.

Before choosing the kind of bridal gown and where to get it, the bride should take some notes. She must consider first, the cut and style – it should perfectly suit her personality and at the same time it should meet her personal preferences. No one should dictate what kind will she wear on her wedding, but she should have known it just even before her groom proposed. The most popular cuts of bridal gown includes strapless, halter necklines, mermaid dresses, tea-length dresses, sheer straps, sweetheart necklines, off the shoulder, and many more.

Secondly, she must be good in choosing the right color. Although white is the default color for a wedding gown, the bride should always have a choice, but will put in mind that picking up a dull or dark-colored gown will never suit the occasion. So most probably, off-white, beige, cream, or other lighter colors will best suit if she disregards white. However, if the bride wishes to stand out and wants to look very unique, she can go for dark colors such as red, purple, or blue but with an accent of white. While there are wedding gown stores that allow custom designs, there is always a chance that the bride will choose to wear a colored gown but of course will choose from the best swatches.

Next point is the kind of fabric. If the couple decides to take their vows inside a church or any religious building, they should make sure that the bridal gown will somehow be of a little elegant such as picking up one that’s made of batiste, charmeuse, chiffon, duchesse satin, georgette, illusion, jersey, organdy, organza, Peau de Soie, rayon, satin, silk, or velvet. Otherwise, mere crepe or cotton will best for a beach or any outdoor wedding. Choosing the best fabric for a bridal gown really matters since each material is designed to produce a distinct effect, as there are kinds of fabrics that cling to the body while others stand away.

The success of the wedding does not always depend on the kind of wedding dress the bride wears but it does add an effect to make it into perfection. So make the right choice now, visit Dream Bridal Gown for that beautifully elegant wedding dress of your dream.

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David Cook LIVE in Cebu!

Ok, the Cook boys [including Dad] are touring the SE Asia – Manila, Cebu, and Indonesia. They actually started to drop bombs in Honolulu, HI and crossed over the Pacific Ocean to meet fans from three points in Asia. I am one of David Cook’s fans since his day 1 in American Idol. Before the top 24 finalist, I have predicted that he will become the next American Idol winner. Paula Abdul tagged him as the ‘Dark Horse’ and he earned most votes at 56% against contender, David Archuleta.

Today, David Cook is a successful artist whose genre runs from alternative rock, post-grunge, and pop rock. He has his family that supports him all the way and a proud mom that’s always there for him. On his first concert tour scheduled for SE Asia, Cook made his initial stop in Manila on July 14th followed by Cebu on the next day.

When I heard about his concert tour I inquired about tickets so I got two and has been excited. Before the concert, David appeared at Cebu’s biggest mall – the SM City Cebu for the Meet & Greet event. I was there amidst huge crowd waiting for him to prompt on stage. Since the autograph signing is only limited to those who bought his CDs, I did not get a chance to sit at the VIP area. However, with much effort, I was able to go close to the stage. Minutes before his appearance, the crowed screamed – I thought it was David but Andrew took the first romp and he just passed in front of me, yes as close as three feet. Finally, David showed up and everyone was excited as he promoted his concert and signed the CDs thereafter.

At the Concert Venue

Me and my brother went to the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel around 5pm to catch good seats but we were not allowed to enter the ballroom hall until 7.30pm. As we stroll around the hotel lobby I saw David’s dad and little brother with a few people taking pictures with them. I just looked at them and yes, cuteness runs in the family. After a few minutes of roaming, I spotted Andrew, David’s younger brother who was with him and his mom all the time during the Idol days. I set aside my shy persona and went straight to him, and asked if we can have pictures taken. He was like sure so he stood next to me and ‘click’ – there is the sweet couple! After that he asked my name and we shook hands, and he did the same to my brother. I couldn’t explain how I felt and all I knew was I was overwhelmed.

When we finally got inside the concert hall, we waited for more than an hour and David appeared and performed, and it was all fun. He is truly an amazing singer with a powerful voice – I love how he screams and kicks his right foot to emphasize a high note. Thanks, David, you are the IDOL.

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