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Speak Out Through Your Hair!

How many of you have been obsessed with their hair? Interestingly, a pleasant hair, no matter how simple it is done contributes to a person’s appearance. No doubt, you would agree with me if I say ‘nicely done hair carries the face faultlessly’. This is true based on my own experience – great self-projection is achieved with a great hair.

Of course, you need to visit a hairstylist in order to attain great hair. It doesn’t necessarily require having all the salon treatments, but at least, you own a wonderful hairstyle that perfectly fits your face and personality. This way, your hair alone can speak for yourself, and it definitely reflects the persona in you. Long hair, medium length hair, short hair – everything suits everyone, so no worries, if you are still confused on what to settle on to, there’s always one made for you.

But what really your hair tells about you? Well, it does tell a lot as the style and texture would be an expression of how good groomer you are, or how well do you take care of it, while the color would simply make things lighter as if dark hair would shout out heaviness in terms of how you carry out yourself, and light-dyed hair gives glow to your face and lightens up every mood in you.

Choosing a hairstyle, whether it’s one length, layered, or with fringe would also depict your inner personality. Let it be known that you are a serious and simply type of person when you prefer one-length hairstyle, and people will know you are into glamour with those gorgeous curls. On the other hand, although you admit to have been matured enough and knows everything in life, yet you decided to get your bangs done, it only shows how cool and playful you are. Yes, playful in the sense that you know how to balance everything and won’t let small things get complicated.

Some people, especially celebs are into constant change when it comes to their hairstyles and color. For example, Katy Perry is known not only with her cute naïve voice but with her unique way of treating her hair as she changes hair color every now and again. You could see her in purple, green, blue, pink, brown, to name a few, and still she projects the same image as simply, ‘Katy Perry’. Lady Gaga also makes a huge buzz with her fashion, as her hair always goes with her outfit. One outfit is to one hairstyle, and that’s her signature.

Well, we are neither Katy nor Gaga but we could always look at our best if we make the most out of our hair – neat and modest, so to speak out for yourself!

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Dream Bridal Gown

Every woman’s desire is to have a perfect wedding and wear her dream bridal gown. This might be one of the reasons why most women today prefer not to settle down until they find the right man – one that is not only capable of loving and providing but one that can also afford to give her bride the best on their wedding. Although there are instances that both bride-to-be and groom-to-be share with all the expenses, there is a deeper meaning for the woman if her groom will take care of everything, financially. Of course she won’t choose to have the most expensive wedding gown but can have a real nice dress that perfectly fits her and will make her absolutely look beautiful on her most special day.

Before choosing the kind of bridal gown and where to get it, the bride should take some notes. She must consider first, the cut and style – it should perfectly suit her personality and at the same time it should meet her personal preferences. No one should dictate what kind will she wear on her wedding, but she should have known it just even before her groom proposed. The most popular cuts of bridal gown includes strapless, halter necklines, mermaid dresses, tea-length dresses, sheer straps, sweetheart necklines, off the shoulder, and many more.

Secondly, she must be good in choosing the right color. Although white is the default color for a wedding gown, the bride should always have a choice, but will put in mind that picking up a dull or dark-colored gown will never suit the occasion. So most probably, off-white, beige, cream, or other lighter colors will best suit if she disregards white. However, if the bride wishes to stand out and wants to look very unique, she can go for dark colors such as red, purple, or blue but with an accent of white. While there are wedding gown stores that allow custom designs, there is always a chance that the bride will choose to wear a colored gown but of course will choose from the best swatches.

Next point is the kind of fabric. If the couple decides to take their vows inside a church or any religious building, they should make sure that the bridal gown will somehow be of a little elegant such as picking up one that’s made of batiste, charmeuse, chiffon, duchesse satin, georgette, illusion, jersey, organdy, organza, Peau de Soie, rayon, satin, silk, or velvet. Otherwise, mere crepe or cotton will best for a beach or any outdoor wedding. Choosing the best fabric for a bridal gown really matters since each material is designed to produce a distinct effect, as there are kinds of fabrics that cling to the body while others stand away.

The success of the wedding does not always depend on the kind of wedding dress the bride wears but it does add an effect to make it into perfection. So make the right choice now, visit Dream Bridal Gown for that beautifully elegant wedding dress of your dream.

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I’m a VS Whore!

Yes, you heard it – Gwen is a VS (Victoria’s Secret) whore! Do you see anything wrong with that? Perhaps you don’t like the adjective that I used but hey it’s how I describe myself when it comes to my VS passion.

Alright, I am talking here about my craze on VS panties in particular – bikinis and thongs – to be specific. I just love collecting these sexy little things even I wear some I leave most packed and untagged inside my closet. Now that sounds horde huh? I have two dozens or three of different low rise bikinis and thongs unused that I just love to keep and look at them every once in a while.

Some of my favorites are the cotton lingerie low rise bikini, Body by Victoria, Pink, and ruched-back hiphugger. The cotton lingerie low rise bikini is very comfortable to wear as well as the thong so they are the front-liners for the day to day routine. I have the thongs with really sexy laces, and I am saving them for a very special occasion (hint … hint!). The Pink thongs are just very light and cute, and are comfy to wear every time I’m in my tight jeans.

The lacie hiphugger panty is also one of my faves because it has more of the super-soft stretch lace in a cute boyshort-inspired cut. It is so smooth and invisible under clothing and can be worn in two sexy ways – low or mid-rise, with full-back coverage, ruched-back. I love the black with floral prints – it’s just so sexy and seductive.

Since I love to window-shop online, I am now starting to look for something that I can wear under my bridal gown.

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Dream Wedding

What is your dream wedding? In everyone’s life, the thought of having a blissful wedding is a dream come true. A potential bride has long been yearning to walk down the aisle with the most captivating smile on her face, and in the most beautiful wedding dress. Imagine yourself to be this woman, and the groom as the Prince Charming in your fairytale. Isn’t it just amazing having everyone in their happy mode celebrating with you in your most wonderful day?

When a man and woman decided to tie the knot, it is not only them that rejoice but everyone who have been there with them through all their endeavors and pursuits. So why not treat this day as the most special one, and in order to achieve this, you need some help from the expert. Wedding planners are trained to do all the planning for your wedding as they give you the best services that they could offer at a reasonable prize. And in the subject of discussing about your wedding dress, you always have the last say – this would bring out the best in you during that memorable day.

You would want to consider the following tips helpful when searching for the perfect wedding gown:

      Be realistic. Have a good understanding of what your price range is, and do not go over this price range. Beautiful wedding gowns come in all different types of shapes and sizes – as well as prices.
      Never buy the first wedding gown that you try on – without checking out other wedding gowns first. Getting a good taste of what is out there is important to finding the right gown.
      It is also important to make sure that you visit two or three bridal stores, in order to get an even better grasp of what you may want. While you may have your heart set on one wedding gown, you may find one at another store that is almost identical but that is also offered at a much lower price.
      Do not set crazy expectations for yourself. If you are opting for a strapless dress in hopes of losing at least fifty pounds within the next six months (or right in time for the wedding), you may want to reconsider and instead opt for something else. You should never set unrealistic expectations on yourself that you know that you will never be able to meet.
      Think about what is going to be the most suitable for the actual wedding. If you are having a more traditional wedding, you may want to think about getting a wedding gown which will complement this type of wedding. If you are planning on having a beach wedding, a wedding gown which is short that will also not get in the way at the beach will be a good idea.

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Make your day as the most wonderful on earth, and see it to be cherished forever.

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