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Perfect Meal


I have been posting pictures of food for my Trip-A-Foodie page on Facebook. Today I am going to share another food exploration, not an exquisite cuisine but just a plain and exotic taste that a Filipino food-tripper would love. Amongst the best-known native restaurants in my place, Gerry’s Grill serves the best menu that even a foreign taste bud will patronize. Yesterday’s menu includes pork ribbed adobo, sizzling kangkong, and rice bagoong. The names alone call for being so local but each with a jaw-dropping taste. How can I resist a second and third serving of the rice bagoong which was being served with some seafood toppings? I don’t usually take meal for lunch but this one made me bloat a little, well at least just for this day of my life. I couldn’t resist but consume all the remaining pork adobo because of its enticing gravy…. Uuhhhmmmm deliciouso! And the kangkong? – Oh well, I did leave the sizzling plate with the serving fork alone! Thanks to my Ate for treating us with such a good meal! … plus the Iron Man 3 on 3D afterwards! Whatagoodlife!

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Everyone’s Been Eating Today!

Mark this day when you or someone you knew have prepared so much food and have been eating! Well I meant the day and not the date – it’s the fourth Thursday of November, a day that people in the United States celebrate an annual tradition that’s originated in the time of President Abraham Lincoln, when he proclaimed this day as the Thanksgiving Day. This celebration commemorates many of the events when prominent individuals’ achievements were recognized by the entire nation and are meant to thank God for a common purpose.

Today, as I browsed my Facebook page, almost all my news feeds come in the form of images with the most common food served during the Thanksgiving Day celebration – Turkey! Some friends simply posted text greetings, wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving Day. All these are just a few things that has happened today, and one thing is for sure – everyone has been eating! LOL. Yes, believe it or not, no one would ever refuse to take some bites of that juicy stuffed oven-fresh turkey. Some have spent dinner with relatives with so much food on the dining table – a real festivity and it’s all about eating and drinking!

While everyone is gathered at home with their family members, some would have set a family date in their favorite restaurants. Whether you had your turkey dinner at home or at a restaurant, as long as you had a great time with your loved ones, I guess that’s a perfect way of having the occasion celebrated. Now I bet everyone’s full and snoring in bed… Have a good night and don’t let turkey bite! 🙂

UFC’s Chael Sonnen and Jon Jones

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Trip-A-Foodie: My New Facebook Page!

Ok, I was gone for a while due to the bulk of work that I have been engaged to. This page is important so are its followers, and to give you a fresh start, I want to share one of the things that keep me busy in my day-to-day activities – foods! – Yes, in plural form since I am not referring to just one but a lot! L0L… I am not actually a food person but I love to try new tastes and to take images from each mouth-watering indulgence. Now live on Facebook is my new page – Trip-A-Foodie! I created this page since it has been my hobby to go to different food shops and fine dining just to try new foods, and before savoring each course – click-click! There you go!

So, follow my journey to some of the most common and most-loved foods with either French, Filipino, Mexican, American, Japanese, Chinese cuisine background.


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Crispy Crepes: Foodalicious

So we are back in the subject where all taste buds will go watery, and it’s just timely because the weather is hot and I can’t think of a better way to ease the heat discomfort but to think about food that’s particularly cold. I won’t go for ice cream either since I think it’s already overrated but I thought about something that was introduced to me about a year ago. My friend Gelai thought that I would love her new favorite, and she called it Crispy Crepes or simply crepes.

If you are not familiar with crepes, you better pay attention so that sooner you will get the idea where to find the best crepes ever. There are various kinds of crepes but what I like about Crispy Crepes is the selection of available fillings. Aside from its tasty dough I love the fruit-filled fillings with ice cream on top. It sometimes comes with crushed Oreo depends on the flavor of your preference. At Crispy Crepes you can satisfy your cravings for meat, veggies, and fruits with the variety of flavor that’s up for your best option.

Crepes are basically a kind of pancake in thinner form and are often served with fillings and toppings such as scoops of ice cream and cider. These can be served as appetizers, main courses, side dishes, and desserts. Crepes originated in Brittany and they became popular all over France and Europe.

If you have a heart in cooking, you can make your own crepes and make it your original creation. There is a lot of free crepes recipe available online. However, if you have a heart in eating, better indulge yourself with the variety of flavored crepes available at Crispy Crepes!

Other websites you would want to visit:
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Sbarro: My Favorite Italian Cuisine

You don’t need to ask but yes, I’m a big pasta eater, and when it comes to great food places I have my favorite, and they call it Sbarro. It has been a hobby for me to dine once in a while (with friend(s), sometimes alone) at known restaurants particularly those that are located inside malls – this is where I find them more accessible. I find food at Sbarro enticing and mouth-watering every time I pass by the place so I can’t resist but to get in and eat.

Since I am a pasta person, I love all kinds but most especially the baked ziti and spaghetti with white sauce. At Sbarro, they usually offer half serving since the whole serving is too much, unless I’m a fat ass girl. Baked ziti comes with creamy ricotta, melted mozzarella and Romano cheeses, and seasoned tomato sauce. They offer a wide variety of pizzas that includes the New York Style thin-crust, Specialty New York Style thin-crust, pan/deep dish, specialty gourmet pan, and specialty stuffed pizzas and strombolis. They also make great side garlic bread which is just so crunchy and tasty.

Although food at Sbarro is a little expensive compared to local restaurants, the satisfaction is priceless. If you ever tried dining in at Sbarro, you should know what I am talking about. And speaking of dining, I usually associate it with Sundays, so tomorrow is Sunday and I will be craving for another delicious Sbarro moment. I just wish they could also serve other special beverages aside from soda and juices. However, it doesn’t matter, for me it is all about the food – yes I said FOOD!

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