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Pony Tail Olympic Rings

Ok, the London 2012 is about to get over but I guess it is still cool to mess up with something that’s inspired by it. I have done and taken this cute picture just before the Olympics commenced but since things went overly crazy here, I missed to show it up, so here it is …..

The symbol of the Olympic Games is composed of five interlocking rings, coloured blue, yellow, black, green, and red on a white field.

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2012 Super Duper Moon

It was past 6pm tonight and I went out to feed my dog when I suddenly stared at the sky and seen the moon – perfect round and looks a little weird because of its yellowish color with surrounding blast of shadow. I called my niece’s attention and she immediately learned that it’s the super moon of 2012 that will appear on May 5th at 11.34pm EST when moon reaches perigee.

What I did? I rushed to my room and took my camera, and then shoot it! It was an awesome scene even if it is not yet the peak of it which is expected to be 14% bigger and 30% brighter. Right now, the moon gets higher and becomes brighter. I may be up until closed midnight to see its fullest view.

While I was having a slight meditation after looking at the superb moon tonight, I also asked myself – does it have any effect on anything on earth tonight? I was a little startled when I turned to yahoo home page and read the headline, “Stop the Lunacy! 5 Mad Myths About the Moon”. Now it’s your turn to read it.

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Discover oDesk

Some four years ago I had the urge to be a part of a team, to enhance my knowledge and skills especially when it pertains to things related to my profession, which is Information Technology. In my search of a job, a friend introduced me to an online market portal that allows an employee to work home-based, and I thought this is what I wanted. I barely had no idea what an online freelancing is, but later on I learned about it as I signed up an account on or simply oDesk is a California-based market portal with a global marketplace designed to hire remote workers. Clients post jobs on oDesk and invite candidates for potential job designation. This is an easy way to manage a team of remote workers as if they are in one office.

When I first landed a job on oDesk, it was of a very minimal rate, as a beginner I had to gain some great feedbacks. As I get a new job, I have to raise my rate a little, and now I am happy working for several clients from different time zones, and each compensates good. I have regular clients from USA, UK, and Canada, and all are great employers.

As a certified freelance contractor on oDesk, I feel it easier to manage my time, although I am having a secular job, I still can do the tasks that I am assigned to, for each client, every day. Not only that, I have established good relationship with each of my clients, making it easier for me to approach them every time I have concerns on job-related issues.

Yes, working online gives greater benefit than that of working in a company that requires your presence in the office. oDesk makes everything comfortable – from logging in of hours worked, to getting paid, and transferring money to local bank. I thank this company big time for without it I haven’t gone with a couple of trips outside the country, never had any of my great possessions, including the added knowledge and skills that I learned through different employers.

Discover oDesk and see what future it may bring you.

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A New Beginning …

GwenTalksAboutEverything is a completely free-styled blog site that will feature a variety of topics that include travel, places, pets, food, gadgets, movies, music, online career, writing, relationships, marketing, sports, fashion, events, beauty products and services, lifestyle, and the author’s personal experiences.

Topics and updates to be posted will be a mixture of knowledge that wishes to inspire everyone with regards to different views on extensive subject matters. It is the site’s mission to provide the freshest information with upcoming updates.

Read on and enjoy!

~ gwentalksabouteverything

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