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Perfect Meal


I have been posting pictures of food for my Trip-A-Foodie page on Facebook. Today I am going to share another food exploration, not an exquisite cuisine but just a plain and exotic taste that a Filipino food-tripper would love. Amongst the best-known native restaurants in my place, Gerry’s Grill serves the best menu that even a foreign taste bud will patronize. Yesterday’s menu includes pork ribbed adobo, sizzling kangkong, and rice bagoong. The names alone call for being so local but each with a jaw-dropping taste. How can I resist a second and third serving of the rice bagoong which was being served with some seafood toppings? I don’t usually take meal for lunch but this one made me bloat a little, well at least just for this day of my life. I couldn’t resist but consume all the remaining pork adobo because of its enticing gravy…. Uuhhhmmmm deliciouso! And the kangkong? – Oh well, I did leave the sizzling plate with the serving fork alone! Thanks to my Ate for treating us with such a good meal! … plus the Iron Man 3 on 3D afterwards! Whatagoodlife!

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The Legendary LEGO

What’s your favorite toy when you were a small kid? If you were a child that’s naturally creative you would agree with me if I say my favorite was LEGO. I never had my own set of LEGO bricks but I used to have them with my cousin who played a lot and I became familiar with how to construct and mess with it. As a child and being surrounded by LEGO bricks I was able to improve my ability to create my own design, enhance my artistic skills, and even develop my imagination.

Originated in Denmark in 1934, Lego Group, the maker of LEGO started in the workshop of Ole Kirk Christiansen who has been creating wooden toys until it expanded to producing plastic toys where the now famous interlocking bricks were established. LEGO comes in a variety of pieces with different shapes and colors. With the most advanced technology, Lego Group acquired the latest breakthrough resulting to the release of thousands of sets in a variety of themes such as town and city, space, robots, pirates, trains, Vikings, castle, dinosaurs, undersea exploration, and Wild West. LEGO is now also available in super hero themes.

Today, LEGO is still one of the present generation’s favorite toys and it will be the next generation’s pick. Parents are smart enough to introduce LEGO to their young ones since it is not only interesting but also educational.

In my Sunday day out, I was at the mall and seen a huge LEGO exhibit that features different designs mostly inspired by Filipino culture. Among the country’s prominent icons being highlighted in the exhibit were the Philippine flag and the Sarao jeepney. Check out the images below to see how LEGO rocks the Philippines.

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