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Perfect Meal


I have been posting pictures of food for my Trip-A-Foodie page on Facebook. Today I am going to share another food exploration, not an exquisite cuisine but just a plain and exotic taste that a Filipino food-tripper would love. Amongst the best-known native restaurants in my place, Gerry’s Grill serves the best menu that even a foreign taste bud will patronize. Yesterday’s menu includes pork ribbed adobo, sizzling kangkong, and rice bagoong. The names alone call for being so local but each with a jaw-dropping taste. How can I resist a second and third serving of the rice bagoong which was being served with some seafood toppings? I don’t usually take meal for lunch but this one made me bloat a little, well at least just for this day of my life. I couldn’t resist but consume all the remaining pork adobo because of its enticing gravy…. Uuhhhmmmm deliciouso! And the kangkong? – Oh well, I did leave the sizzling plate with the serving fork alone! Thanks to my Ate for treating us with such a good meal! … plus the Iron Man 3 on 3D afterwards! Whatagoodlife!

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My Singapore Quest

Alright, as if I was too busy that I wasn’t able to come back after a month. But yes, the adventure scene put me into a pace that’s even faster than the speed of light! I bet everyone heard about the ground-breaking architecture of Singapore along with it’s wide array of superb vistas. So, here we go! Join me as I show you around, with what I had in three precious days will only be a three-second virtual tour!

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Learn About Macau

When you manage to visit Hong Kong, better not miss the chance to go and see its neighboring region, Macau. One of People’s Republic of China’s special administrative regions, Macau is a territory that’s heavily dependent on gambling and tourism. Its main attractions count the Casino and other tourist spots known for historic origins. Macau is a former Portuguese colony whose trading system strongly influenced the region’s economy. Even names of places including traffic signs pattern to its Portuguese origin.

Now that tourism has been booming in the South East Asia, Macau participates with its part in welcoming visitors from around the world to show its resources and its prominent gambling society. Inspired by the Las Vegas’ Venetian Hotel and Casino, Macau’s The Venetian Hotel and Casino Resort mimics the entire architecture along with its gambling and shopping system. Inside the Venetian Hotel is a beautiful renaissance of Italy’s City of Canals – Venice, with the Grand Canal that features a gondola and a gondolier that sings an Italian hymn. Above the Grand Canal is a ceiling that looks like a real life sky with clouds that appear like nature.

The Macau Tower is one of the region’s prides, an observation deck with panoramic views, restaurants, cinemas, shopping malls. If you are fond of extreme adventure, you will love Macau Tower’s Skywalk X where you can walk tour around the outer rim and can bungee jump too.

Many signs and establishments in Macau make use of Chinese and Portuguese names with English becoming commonplace as well. Other tourist attractions that Macau is proud of include the Ruins of St. Paul, a façade originally of The Cathedral of St. Paul built in 1602, A-Ma Temple built in 1448 that’s dedicated to the goddess Matsu, MGM Grand Macau, and The Statue of Guanyin, a blend between the traditional images of the bodhisattva Guanyin and Holy Mary.

Macau is a small city so you can go around and be able to see all the places in one day. And once you get there, do not forget to check out any of its Portuguese restaurants that offer the real Portuguese cuisine.

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Sbarro: My Favorite Italian Cuisine

You don’t need to ask but yes, I’m a big pasta eater, and when it comes to great food places I have my favorite, and they call it Sbarro. It has been a hobby for me to dine once in a while (with friend(s), sometimes alone) at known restaurants particularly those that are located inside malls – this is where I find them more accessible. I find food at Sbarro enticing and mouth-watering every time I pass by the place so I can’t resist but to get in and eat.

Since I am a pasta person, I love all kinds but most especially the baked ziti and spaghetti with white sauce. At Sbarro, they usually offer half serving since the whole serving is too much, unless I’m a fat ass girl. Baked ziti comes with creamy ricotta, melted mozzarella and Romano cheeses, and seasoned tomato sauce. They offer a wide variety of pizzas that includes the New York Style thin-crust, Specialty New York Style thin-crust, pan/deep dish, specialty gourmet pan, and specialty stuffed pizzas and strombolis. They also make great side garlic bread which is just so crunchy and tasty.

Although food at Sbarro is a little expensive compared to local restaurants, the satisfaction is priceless. If you ever tried dining in at Sbarro, you should know what I am talking about. And speaking of dining, I usually associate it with Sundays, so tomorrow is Sunday and I will be craving for another delicious Sbarro moment. I just wish they could also serve other special beverages aside from soda and juices. However, it doesn’t matter, for me it is all about the food – yes I said FOOD!

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My Spring 2012 Vacation

They say Sagittarius people are naturally outgoing – love to travel and see new places. Well, I am not into this horoscope thing but I find myself to have a passion on traveling. Since I got this stable source of income, the urge to go for a travel keeps growing in me, and I commenced the act when I had my first out of country tour last year. Me together with my family went for a 5-day Hong Kong-Macau tour. It was fun and exciting since it was my first time to fly overseas, and it’s like telling me, “dream come true, Gwen”.

After that travel I had to plan for the next trip. I picked South Korea to be my next destination since I was pretty amazed with the Jeju Island that’s one of the wonders of the world. Again, the whole family has been planning for this SK trip – went shopping for winter clothes and stuff. But things went the other way because in mid 2011, we decided to apply for US tourist visa but unfortunately I got turned down. So by then I thought of pursuing South Korea. I contacted a friend who works in Seogwipo, Brandon Russell whom I met on Facebook, and he was eager to show me around.

2012 came so fast but then I was having doubts of going to SK since my travel agency hasn’t been offering a package tour with Jeju Island itinerary. Long story short, I backed off the plan and with not much anticipation, I was able to fly again to Hong Kong for the second time. This time I had to make sure I have the best Spring outfit – jackets, long sleeves, sweatshirts, boots, etc. I love taking pictures so the outfit makes a lot of sense. The trip was just short but I enjoyed it as we stayed in a very nice four-star hotel and finally I got my extreme rides both at Disneyland and Ocean Park.

Now I am back to my corner, and again, thinking of my next stop. Would it be Spring 2013 in SK? Well who knows, but I am keeping my head up and will make the planning as soon as I am settled with the budget. Somehow, I have thought of securing a Canadian tourist visa so I will be able to visit my relatives in Ontario and some friends in Calgary. Wow, it would be another fun trip for sure!

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