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Online Dating: How Serious?

Computer age, digital age, AI era – we are living in these days and everything can happen through digital media and the Internet. We make business online, communicate with family and friends, study, socialize, and even date. The online dating scene has been overrated since it started to boom in early 2000 while the concept of virtual dating or virtual matchmaking have long been started in 1995 when and began their services.

Today, not only 10, or 20, or 30 dating sites including social networking sites are generating millions of accounts and users. But what really is the purpose of such online dating sites? Most dating sites offer profile advertisements for some fee while others are completely free. These sites promote online dating as the sole solution in finding one’s soulmate. While many find success with this service, others end up in some scam and even painful emotional stress caused by inconsistent attitude being displayed by people they meet, especially of that from the opposite sex.

If you are a man or a woman who finds looking for Ms. Right/Mr. Right as a difficult thing in real life, you might seek help from any of these dating sites. Once you get to post your profile, people will start contacting you or adding you as a friend. With the eagerness to find someone that is worth trusting, you tend to entertain people from different walks of life, culture, and races without knowing about the risk that you may face. If that is the case, do not be hasty – take time to learn about the people you meet. Three-fourth of these people mingling around might just be playing games or are just there for fun, and yet the remaining one-fourth might be of seriously seeking for mates.

Joining activities online such as dating have positive output but also has its downside. If you are just clever enough, you can be among those who will be telling success stories; otherwise you will be among those who will be cursing the site and the people that caused you frustrations. The best thing to do is to be wise – do not trust people easily, rather take time to learn and know more about them. If they are serious and for real, then set for a date and meet them face to face – this will determine if they really are genuine. However, if something’s going on with the person that you are talking to online, do not have a second thought to cut the communication right away – you might be a potential prey that has been caught by the huge bait.

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