2012 Super Duper Moon

It was past 6pm tonight and I went out to feed my dog when I suddenly stared at the sky and seen the moon – perfect round and looks a little weird because of its yellowish color with surrounding blast of shadow. I called my niece’s attention and she immediately learned that it’s the super moon of 2012 that will appear on May 5th at 11.34pm EST when moon reaches perigee.

What I did? I rushed to my room and took my camera, and then shoot it! It was an awesome scene even if it is not yet the peak of it which is expected to be 14% bigger and 30% brighter. Right now, the moon gets higher and becomes brighter. I may be up until closed midnight to see its fullest view.

While I was having a slight meditation after looking at the superb moon tonight, I also asked myself – does it have any effect on anything on earth tonight? I was a little startled when I turned to yahoo home page and read the headline, “Stop the Lunacy! 5 Mad Myths About the Moon”. Now it’s your turn to read it.

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I’m a VS Whore!

Yes, you heard it – Gwen is a VS (Victoria’s Secret) whore! Do you see anything wrong with that? Perhaps you don’t like the adjective that I used but hey it’s how I describe myself when it comes to my VS passion.

Alright, I am talking here about my craze on VS panties in particular – bikinis and thongs – to be specific. I just love collecting these sexy little things even I wear some I leave most packed and untagged inside my closet. Now that sounds horde huh? I have two dozens or three of different low rise bikinis and thongs unused that I just love to keep and look at them every once in a while.

Some of my favorites are the cotton lingerie low rise bikini, Body by Victoria, Pink, and ruched-back hiphugger. The cotton lingerie low rise bikini is very comfortable to wear as well as the thong so they are the front-liners for the day to day routine. I have the thongs with really sexy laces, and I am saving them for a very special occasion (hint … hint!). The Pink thongs are just very light and cute, and are comfy to wear every time I’m in my tight jeans.

The lacie hiphugger panty is also one of my faves because it has more of the super-soft stretch lace in a cute boyshort-inspired cut. It is so smooth and invisible under clothing and can be worn in two sexy ways – low or mid-rise, with full-back coverage, ruched-back. I love the black with floral prints – it’s just so sexy and seductive.

Since I love to window-shop online, I am now starting to look for something that I can wear under my bridal gown.

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Learn About Macau

When you manage to visit Hong Kong, better not miss the chance to go and see its neighboring region, Macau. One of People’s Republic of China’s special administrative regions, Macau is a territory that’s heavily dependent on gambling and tourism. Its main attractions count the Casino and other tourist spots known for historic origins. Macau is a former Portuguese colony whose trading system strongly influenced the region’s economy. Even names of places including traffic signs pattern to its Portuguese origin.

Now that tourism has been booming in the South East Asia, Macau participates with its part in welcoming visitors from around the world to show its resources and its prominent gambling society. Inspired by the Las Vegas’ Venetian Hotel and Casino, Macau’s The Venetian Hotel and Casino Resort mimics the entire architecture along with its gambling and shopping system. Inside the Venetian Hotel is a beautiful renaissance of Italy’s City of Canals – Venice, with the Grand Canal that features a gondola and a gondolier that sings an Italian hymn. Above the Grand Canal is a ceiling that looks like a real life sky with clouds that appear like nature.

The Macau Tower is one of the region’s prides, an observation deck with panoramic views, restaurants, cinemas, shopping malls. If you are fond of extreme adventure, you will love Macau Tower’s Skywalk X where you can walk tour around the outer rim and can bungee jump too.

Many signs and establishments in Macau make use of Chinese and Portuguese names with English becoming commonplace as well. Other tourist attractions that Macau is proud of include the Ruins of St. Paul, a façade originally of The Cathedral of St. Paul built in 1602, A-Ma Temple built in 1448 that’s dedicated to the goddess Matsu, MGM Grand Macau, and The Statue of Guanyin, a blend between the traditional images of the bodhisattva Guanyin and Holy Mary.

Macau is a small city so you can go around and be able to see all the places in one day. And once you get there, do not forget to check out any of its Portuguese restaurants that offer the real Portuguese cuisine.

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Crispy Crepes: Foodalicious

So we are back in the subject where all taste buds will go watery, and it’s just timely because the weather is hot and I can’t think of a better way to ease the heat discomfort but to think about food that’s particularly cold. I won’t go for ice cream either since I think it’s already overrated but I thought about something that was introduced to me about a year ago. My friend Gelai thought that I would love her new favorite, and she called it Crispy Crepes or simply crepes.

If you are not familiar with crepes, you better pay attention so that sooner you will get the idea where to find the best crepes ever. There are various kinds of crepes but what I like about Crispy Crepes is the selection of available fillings. Aside from its tasty dough I love the fruit-filled fillings with ice cream on top. It sometimes comes with crushed Oreo depends on the flavor of your preference. At Crispy Crepes you can satisfy your cravings for meat, veggies, and fruits with the variety of flavor that’s up for your best option.

Crepes are basically a kind of pancake in thinner form and are often served with fillings and toppings such as scoops of ice cream and cider. These can be served as appetizers, main courses, side dishes, and desserts. Crepes originated in Brittany and they became popular all over France and Europe.

If you have a heart in cooking, you can make your own crepes and make it your original creation. There is a lot of free crepes recipe available online. However, if you have a heart in eating, better indulge yourself with the variety of flavored crepes available at Crispy Crepes!

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The Legendary LEGO

What’s your favorite toy when you were a small kid? If you were a child that’s naturally creative you would agree with me if I say my favorite was LEGO. I never had my own set of LEGO bricks but I used to have them with my cousin who played a lot and I became familiar with how to construct and mess with it. As a child and being surrounded by LEGO bricks I was able to improve my ability to create my own design, enhance my artistic skills, and even develop my imagination.

Originated in Denmark in 1934, Lego Group, the maker of LEGO started in the workshop of Ole Kirk Christiansen who has been creating wooden toys until it expanded to producing plastic toys where the now famous interlocking bricks were established. LEGO comes in a variety of pieces with different shapes and colors. With the most advanced technology, Lego Group acquired the latest breakthrough resulting to the release of thousands of sets in a variety of themes such as town and city, space, robots, pirates, trains, Vikings, castle, dinosaurs, undersea exploration, and Wild West. LEGO is now also available in super hero themes.

Today, LEGO is still one of the present generation’s favorite toys and it will be the next generation’s pick. Parents are smart enough to introduce LEGO to their young ones since it is not only interesting but also educational.

In my Sunday day out, I was at the mall and seen a huge LEGO exhibit that features different designs mostly inspired by Filipino culture. Among the country’s prominent icons being highlighted in the exhibit were the Philippine flag and the Sarao jeepney. Check out the images below to see how LEGO rocks the Philippines.

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Facial: Get a Blooming Face!

Are you getting disturbed every time you look into the mirror it’s because you are hating what you are seeing? Most women are naturally conscious about their looks and they want to look best all the time. If you are one of them and are currently having problems with your face – wrinkles, dark spots, pimples, acne, blackheads, whiteheads – you might want a drastic change now. In reality, no one wants to look unpleasant, male or female, so the urge to achieve a good-looking face is just in everyone’s veins.

The above-mentioned face problems are just the most common, while there are more other predicaments that may occur on one’s face. Medicine and science both have the answer to such facial discomforts. Take for example the basic and most accessible solution – facial, which is known as a procedure that involves steaming, exfoliating, facial mask, and massaging face in order to remove skin dirt, impurities, and even wrinkles. Although facial is not guaranteed to remove wrinkles, constant session will eliminate lines that are visible on the forehead and some other areas of the face. This is an effective and safe way of treating your facial skin in order to have it rejuvenated and freshened. It also brings out the skin’s natural beauty, and refines and retunes the skin for a brighter and healthier look. Facial will allow your skin appear polished and renewed after exfoliating dead skin tissues and other impurities.

Facial comes in many types which you can acquire depending on the depth of your skin problem. Otherwise, the most basic facial treatment works best when maintained on a regular basis. Are you ready to have that blooming face?

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Sbarro: My Favorite Italian Cuisine

You don’t need to ask but yes, I’m a big pasta eater, and when it comes to great food places I have my favorite, and they call it Sbarro. It has been a hobby for me to dine once in a while (with friend(s), sometimes alone) at known restaurants particularly those that are located inside malls – this is where I find them more accessible. I find food at Sbarro enticing and mouth-watering every time I pass by the place so I can’t resist but to get in and eat.

Since I am a pasta person, I love all kinds but most especially the baked ziti and spaghetti with white sauce. At Sbarro, they usually offer half serving since the whole serving is too much, unless I’m a fat ass girl. Baked ziti comes with creamy ricotta, melted mozzarella and Romano cheeses, and seasoned tomato sauce. They offer a wide variety of pizzas that includes the New York Style thin-crust, Specialty New York Style thin-crust, pan/deep dish, specialty gourmet pan, and specialty stuffed pizzas and strombolis. They also make great side garlic bread which is just so crunchy and tasty.

Although food at Sbarro is a little expensive compared to local restaurants, the satisfaction is priceless. If you ever tried dining in at Sbarro, you should know what I am talking about. And speaking of dining, I usually associate it with Sundays, so tomorrow is Sunday and I will be craving for another delicious Sbarro moment. I just wish they could also serve other special beverages aside from soda and juices. However, it doesn’t matter, for me it is all about the food – yes I said FOOD!

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Discover oDesk

Some four years ago I had the urge to be a part of a team, to enhance my knowledge and skills especially when it pertains to things related to my profession, which is Information Technology. In my search of a job, a friend introduced me to an online market portal that allows an employee to work home-based, and I thought this is what I wanted. I barely had no idea what an online freelancing is, but later on I learned about it as I signed up an account on or simply oDesk is a California-based market portal with a global marketplace designed to hire remote workers. Clients post jobs on oDesk and invite candidates for potential job designation. This is an easy way to manage a team of remote workers as if they are in one office.

When I first landed a job on oDesk, it was of a very minimal rate, as a beginner I had to gain some great feedbacks. As I get a new job, I have to raise my rate a little, and now I am happy working for several clients from different time zones, and each compensates good. I have regular clients from USA, UK, and Canada, and all are great employers.

As a certified freelance contractor on oDesk, I feel it easier to manage my time, although I am having a secular job, I still can do the tasks that I am assigned to, for each client, every day. Not only that, I have established good relationship with each of my clients, making it easier for me to approach them every time I have concerns on job-related issues.

Yes, working online gives greater benefit than that of working in a company that requires your presence in the office. oDesk makes everything comfortable – from logging in of hours worked, to getting paid, and transferring money to local bank. I thank this company big time for without it I haven’t gone with a couple of trips outside the country, never had any of my great possessions, including the added knowledge and skills that I learned through different employers.

Discover oDesk and see what future it may bring you.

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UFC 145: Jones vs Evans – Who’s Your Bet?

Everyone has been anticipating for this fight, yes a fight that will bring two great fighters in the octagon – Jon ‘Bones’ Jones and Suga Rashad Evans. This UFC Light Heavyweight title bout will be witnessed by avid UFC fans in Georgia and around the world on April 21st, Saturday in Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA.

UFC 145 will highlight its main event with Jones and Evans plus other supporting bouts that include the following match-ups:

  • Marcus Brimage vs Maximo Blanco
  • Keith Wisniewski vs Chris Clements
  • Marc Danzig vs Efrain Escudero
  • John Makdessi vs Anthony Njokuani
  • Matt Brown vs Stephen Thompson
  • Travis Brwone vs Chad Griggs
  • Mark Bocek vs John Alessio
  • Mark Hominick vs Eddie Yagin
  • Miguel Angel Torres vs Michael McDonald
  • Brendan Schaub vs Ben Rothwell
  • Rory Macdonald vs Che Mills

About Jon ‘Bones’ Jones
Jonathan D. Jones aka Jon ‘Bones’ Jones is the reigning, defending UFC Light Heavyweight Champion who was born and raised in New York, a natural MMA athlete that has dominated the wrestling mat earning a title in the National Junior College wrestling championship. Jones is a master of Greco-Roman All-American who began his career with succeeding wins over Brandon Vera, Vladimir Matyushenko, and Ryan Bader. On UFC 128, Jones won a victory over the legendary Mauricio Shogun Rua, for the Light Heavyweight Championship belt, becoming the youngest UFC Champion in the history.

About Suga Rashad Evans
Rashad Anton Evans is an MMA fighter from Lansing, MI with a professional record of 19 Wins, 1 Lost, and 1 Draw. He is a former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion who stole the belt from Forrest Griffin, and has won the heavyweight division of The Ultimate Fighter Season 2. On his first title defense, Evans lost his belt via knockout to undefeated Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida.

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Online Dating: How Serious?

Computer age, digital age, AI era – we are living in these days and everything can happen through digital media and the Internet. We make business online, communicate with family and friends, study, socialize, and even date. The online dating scene has been overrated since it started to boom in early 2000 while the concept of virtual dating or virtual matchmaking have long been started in 1995 when and began their services.

Today, not only 10, or 20, or 30 dating sites including social networking sites are generating millions of accounts and users. But what really is the purpose of such online dating sites? Most dating sites offer profile advertisements for some fee while others are completely free. These sites promote online dating as the sole solution in finding one’s soulmate. While many find success with this service, others end up in some scam and even painful emotional stress caused by inconsistent attitude being displayed by people they meet, especially of that from the opposite sex.

If you are a man or a woman who finds looking for Ms. Right/Mr. Right as a difficult thing in real life, you might seek help from any of these dating sites. Once you get to post your profile, people will start contacting you or adding you as a friend. With the eagerness to find someone that is worth trusting, you tend to entertain people from different walks of life, culture, and races without knowing about the risk that you may face. If that is the case, do not be hasty – take time to learn about the people you meet. Three-fourth of these people mingling around might just be playing games or are just there for fun, and yet the remaining one-fourth might be of seriously seeking for mates.

Joining activities online such as dating have positive output but also has its downside. If you are just clever enough, you can be among those who will be telling success stories; otherwise you will be among those who will be cursing the site and the people that caused you frustrations. The best thing to do is to be wise – do not trust people easily, rather take time to learn and know more about them. If they are serious and for real, then set for a date and meet them face to face – this will determine if they really are genuine. However, if something’s going on with the person that you are talking to online, do not have a second thought to cut the communication right away – you might be a potential prey that has been caught by the huge bait.

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